Thursday, May 5, 2016


Orange was the new black last year (is it still?), but I say neon orange is the new orange. So that makes neon orange the new black! Do you think I should dye my husband's black pants a nice attractive, eye catching neon orange? And then when he fumes at me, I could just shrug and say, "What? Its the new black." That would go down very well I bet.

As you can see, no four-inch heels or door hinges were harmed in the making of this post.  These are the words that Eminem used to rhyme with 'orange' on 60 Minutes.

I bought this dress from Banana Republic last year, and while I did question being able to pull off this much neon, for $12 I wasn't going to split hairs. I have worn it three times so far including today, so not too shabby a cost per wear ratio. It came with its own fabric belt, but I found it more palatable with a structured belt.

Below are pictures of me attempting a twirl, but either I am not as graceful as I imagined or else I got too self conscious. Lets just go with the latter for now, till I sign up for ballet classes.

Banana Republic Dress (Similar, Similar, Similar or Similar) | 
H&M Belt | Aldo Handbag (Similar, Similar or Similar) | Old Navy Ballet Flats

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