Thursday, May 5, 2016


Two things of note happened this Cinco de Mayo:

1.  I changed my clothes two times in one day! And that did not involve PJs or workout clothes. I wore this orange dress in the morning to my daughter's Mother's Day party at her school, and then changed into my jeans and polka dot shirt (that she had picked out as one of the outfits she wanted me to wear to her party) thereafter. This is unheard of in my life, and made me feel like a regular Hollywood A-lister, albeit without the accompanying looks, wardrobe or photographer.

2. My sassy four-and-a-half going on fifteen daughter reached new levels of sass yesterday. When I served her a version of rice with some veggies thrown in for nutrition, she took one disdainful look and this is how the conversation went:
Daughter:  Today is Cinco de Mayo, and thats what we have to eat? Couldn't you have made something a little better at least today.
Me: What does Cinco de Mayo mean to you anyways? And that is paella (totally wasn't, but what does she know) and thats what people eat on Cinco de Mayo. So eat up.
After which she just went "Oh" and despite my begging, pleading and threatening, proceeded to not eat any dinner whatsoever. The pictures in today's post were all taken by her though. And she did exhibit a lot of patience with me during our 'photo-shoot'.

In the pictures below, I am posing with two bags, since I would like your opinion on which bag works best with my outfit. In my quest to push my own boundaries, I keep trying to work in a pattern-on-pattern combo, and I think the floral bag would have gone along just fine with my polka shirt since it does have some purple shades. Do let me know what you think. Do you think the floral pattern is too much or do you think it goes well with this shirt?
 Uniqlo Shirt | Old Navy Rockstar Jeans | Old Navy Boots|
J Crew Factory Lavender Handbag | Aldo Floral Handbag

The last picture reminds me of the models on the home shopping TV shows displaying the wares. Not that I watch those shows or anything. Do you think I have a chance at making a career in that business?

Home shopping reminds me of a funny anecdote. Soon after returning back to India from one of her visits to the US to see us, my Mom who was still jet lagged at the time ordered a vacuum cleaner in the middle of the night, while watching something on TV. The next morning her foggy brain caught up, and she realized what she had done. Fortunately she was able to call and cancel it, else this would not have been a funny story! But the thing I find amusing is that she didn't even need a vacuum cleaner and wasn't even looking for one, but still ended up ordering that item instead of any of the other things they were selling. She should have just ordered some diamond jewelry instead!

Thanks for reading, and have a great day!

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  1. I love the print cute print mixing! Haha, love your Cinco story and vacuum story.
    Have a great weekend!


  2. I love the glasses, it compliments your outfit so well!