Wednesday, May 4, 2016


Somedays I stand in front of my closet, and I can hear the clamor of the clothes vying to be worn, but somedays I hear only the scurrying of the clothes trying to get away from me. Today was a day of radio silence from my closet, and this top was either too slow or too arrogant to get away. It probably figured that since it has been left to vegetate in peace since the day it came in the mail last year, it was in no risk of being worn suddenly! But it exacted its revenge by looking much worse than how I remembered it. Or maybe I have selective hearing and I need to stop ignoring the siren calls of the gym beckoning me. Is it just me, or does your wardrobe talk to you and ignore you too?

Hyperbole, Personification and Euphemism all in the same paragraph! My high school English teachers would be so proud of me if they read this post. The last sentence was Euphemism btw, perhaps even Irony! 

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