Saturday, May 14, 2016


J Crew Factory Top | Target Jacket |
Old Navy Pants | Michael Kors Handbag | Old Navy Flats

Every once in a while, I get possessed with wanting to do something different with my hair and I attempt new things. The results of these experiments invariably lead to me realizing that I actually prefer my hair simply straightened.

Once I decided on wearing these cropped wide-leg pants today, I had the urge to try a big hair do with it. Although I was aiming for a 50s hair style, I got caught in the 70s and didn't make it to my final destination. I crave the beachy, tousled, effortless bed head look, but despite spending copious amounts of time on it, it usually looks worse than when I just roll out of bed.  Next time I will just roll out of bed and call it a day.

My photographer (who is 4) was itching to take a video and only the promise of a bribe enabled a few pictures, but I had to take matters into my own hands (literally! I had to take a selfie) to get a closer look at my hair. If you were thinking "What a cutie who wants to take a video of her Mom", let me stop you in your tracks right there: she starts off each video by saying "This is my Mom who is 70 years old." One time I made the mistake of asking her how old she thought her parents and grandparents were.  Her grandparents are in their 30s, her Dad is 20, but apparently her Mom is 70. The more I try to convince her that she is off by a few decades, the more she insists that I am 70. Maybe I should just start telling people I meet that I am 70. Hopefully at least someone will say "Really? You don't look a day over 20." Now that is wishful thinking on my part. 

I am curious to know, how old do you think I am? Please feel free to be honest. It can't be worse than what my daughter already thinks! If anyone has any styling tips to achieve the messy hair look, but without actually looking messy, then please dish.

I was browsing around in Banana Republic and I found a top that looked very similar to what I was already wearing, so I couldn't resist another selfie with it.

Thanks for reading, and have a great day!

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