Wednesday, April 6, 2016


Just to clarify - the "Miss-Adventure" in today's post title is indeed a reference to myself.
While I won't argue the semantics or aesthetics of calling myself a "Miss", this dress certainly made me feel Wearing such a short dress is quite adventurous by my daily standards. 

The misadventure in the title serves another purpose too. We had the teensiest misadventure when we went to renew my daughter's passport. Turns out that the post office we had an appointment at has been permanently closed. When we got there and discovered this, I immediately assumed that I must have have been mistaken in which location I had actually called for an appointment. 

An hour and a quarter, a mediterranean plate, and a neapolitan later, we managed to show up at the right place. I had indeed called the right number from the website, but that number was now serviced by a different post office since the original one had been closed over a year ago. Seems like the passport application website forgot to update the address!

All is well that ends well (Being the pessimist I am, to me this will only end once we have her new passport back). But due credit to the kind and understanding folks over at the US Postal Service for accommodating us.

I thought the light reflecting off my necklace in the picture below is quite cool. I remember trying to capture this kind of reflection when I was much much younger and playing around with my first digital camera. I don't remember if my experiment succeeded then (probably not, else I would have recollected it), but today I ended up with quite a few such pics, with the light reflecting off of my watch in some too. 

The pic below is by my husband, but all the others in today's post are taken by the one person in our home who currently does not have a passport. No prizes for guessing!

Express Shirt Dress | Zara Bag (old) |
Kate Spade Watch | Old Navy Snakeskin Flats (old) |
J Crew necklace (old)  (if you want to see what it actually looks like, 
its the 4th picture on this page)

Thank you for reading!

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