Thursday, March 31, 2016


It should be evident that today's outfit is inspired by menswear - the cravat style scarf, the gingham patterned shirt, the rolled up sleeves, and male leopard feet!

Till I met my husband, it never occurred to me that shirt sleeves could be rolled up. I would always wear my button downs fully cuffed. Thats how my Dad wears his. And my Mom does not wear button downs. So all along, I imitated my Dad, even though I thought it made me look stuffy.
But I see how nicely my husband rolls up his sleeves, and I think he pulls it off well, and I decided to try it too. So, while many may take offense to me claiming it is a man's style to roll up the sleeves of a button down, at least to me it was inspired by a man.

And that gingham pattern; that exact one actually was the pattern of my school uniform pinafore. I could not resist buying this shirt for precisely that reason. And also because the store was closing down for good and it was an additional 70% off. 

Now lets talk footwear. If I were a leopard, how wonderfully I would be camouflaged. I bet, no one would notice me standing in the middle of the street! This particular pair of boots came in the mail just today, and I couldn't resist stalking out in them right away.

Old Navy Rockstar Jeans (old) | Old Navy Leopard-Print Boots |
Zara Handbag (old)

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