Thursday, April 7, 2016


I love me some glasses..of the sun variety..meaning sunglasses. I am inseparable from my sunglasses, and the only times I won't wear them is when they are in danger of being damaged. For those situations, I have a back-up pair of sunglasses. 

Case in point - Recently, I had signed up for a very mountainous 10K trail running event. It was cloudy, and raining before, during and after the event. But guess who had their sunglasses glued to their face the whole time? If only medals were given out to participants who demonstrated such bravery in the face of daunting elements.

You would think, that I must have many pairs of sunglasses, if I am such a fanatic. But the silver lining here is my wallet thanking my eyes for requiring prescription glasses and sunglasses. Which crimps my style a wee bit, but then I usually get a new pair each year anyways. Truth be told, there are somethings I do not like to change regularly. Like my address, wallet and glasses. Maybe even my husband. Just kidding honey (if you are even reading!).

So I satisfy my affinity, by buying random glasses thingies. And pom-pom bag charms, which are my newest fixation. My entire next post will be dedicated to pom-poms. 

The next three pictures below, are completely natural and not posed at all. I thought I saw some bug on the ground, and was zealously trying to avoid any contact with it, hence the calisthenics.

J Crew Factory Top (old) | Ann Taylor Necklace (old) |
Old Navy Culottes | Gap Lace Up Flats (old) |
Banana Republic Bag (old) 

Thank you for reading, and have a great day.

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