Monday, June 18, 2018


I hope you have been well and I apologize for being MIA for so long. There is no one specific reason for my prolonged absence. Some amount of grieving, some being busy and nothing creative to report would be the main causes for my silence. I am back now, with an outfit pic from Feb 14. Yes I know, in June. But hey it could be the outfit I am planning on wearing next year for V-Day. In which case, I am a tad early!
I do think Valentine's day and many other "days" like this are lame. At least for me. I understand that its an opportunity to express one's feelings and more power to folks who are successfully able to do so. In my household though, these "opportunities" end up becoming pressure cooker situations with the weighty expectation of trying to make this day as memorable as it should be. And it ends up being a disaster. I learnt that lesson the hard way through my many birthday, anniversary and mother's day celebrations. So for me, its easier to let this day go by unnoticed.
The other reason for giving this day a miss is because my brother's birthday is 5 days after Valentine's Day, and its terribly painful for me to celebrate anything at all when he can't celebrate his birthday.
We got a small cake with candles and sang for him, and made a birthday card on what should have been his 34th birthday. He would always tell me to get my daughter a piece of cake on his behalf for his birthday, and now it gives me some small solace when I do so.

Back to what I was wearing - I wanted to include some red and/or pink, but not overwhelmingly so, and this sweater seemed just right for my intentions. But now that I look back upon it, I find the fit a little lacking. Maybe that's what happens when you look at winter clothing in summer!
I have a jacket in the same print as these pants as seen here, and one day perhaps I will wear them both together. Monochromatic dressing is very happening these days!
Please excuse the weird pose with my hands on my hair in one of the pictures below. I promise its not one of the poses I practice in front of the mirror! It was an un-posed one and just happens to be one of the few acceptable pictures of the 15 or so that my poor husband took of me. I am still working on being myself in my own pictures! Did that statement sound as bizarre to you as it did to me?
Do write and tell me how you celebrated Valentine's Day this year, and your thoughts on celebrating such events.
Sweater: Ann Taylor | Pants: Who What Wear for Target (similar, similar, similar) | 
Shoes: Old Navy | Purse: Who What Wear for Target (similar, I have and love this) |
Pearl Choker: Ann Taylor (similar, similar)

Thank you for reading!

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