Friday, April 6, 2018


One February morning as I was pottering about at home in my PJs, my husband declared that he had to run to Staples on an errand. Spontaneity being his middle name and all that, he suggested we turn it into a date. Lucky for me, the local Staples is right next to Target so it only required a millisecond for me to say yes. I did not shower or even wash my face. I just threw on this top and shoes both of which are from the girls section of where-else-but Target. And off we went on our date, right up to the entrance of the shopping center, where he marched off purposefully into Staples while I floated into Target like a lady of leisure. After an entirely too short a browsing session at Target, when we met up to head back home, my husband volunteered to take pictures for my blog.

My jaws dropped in suspicion. Mostly I have to harangue him to take pictures for my blog. Why this sudden nicety? Either he spent way too much at Staples or I must be looking awful and hence the joke's on me. Turns out he was feeling guilty. Not because of his choice of date location but because I did not even get to spend 15 mins at Target. I am not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, and before he could reconsider I accepted his offer. Shortest date ever. But at least I got some pictures out of it.
Where do you go on impromptu dates? Let me know in the comments.
Top: Target (Girls) | Jeans: Old Navy
Shoes: Target (Girls) (Toddler sizes here) | Purse: Zara (similar, similar) | Cart: Staples!

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