Friday, March 18, 2016


Spring is here, and most of us are probably eyeing spring and summer clothing but this GAP Coat is on an awesome sale for anyone who is either thinking ahead, or still has the occasional need for a wrap coat. The coat is available in all sizes online, and both colors work well for the springtime as well!

The price on the website for this coat is $69.99
It has been in my cart since December, but in all this time the price has not budged. Last week, I was in my local Gap store and happened to see the pink jacket in a XXL marked down to $19.99 on the sale rack. This was the only size available in store, but I asked if they could order one for me in a different size, and they said they could. On the store's system, the jacket was priced at $19.99 with an additional 50% off, bringing it down to $9.99
I showed the sales associate the website price, and she seemed just as surprised at the vast difference in price. But from what I gathered, if you go into the store and try to order this jacket, you will get it at the store price.

And I think shipping is free if you have a GAP/Banana Republic/Old Navy credit card, or if you ask nicely, they often waive shipping fees completely too.

Update: I received both the jackets (yes, I ordered both colors to see which I liked better). While the colors are both lovely as expected, the sizing seemed inconsistent. The pink was just too boxy for my liking. The gray looked nice and fit much better. That one is a keeper!
Even though I am a Pink kind of girl, with much regret this pink is going back.

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