Wednesday, March 16, 2016


Hello, my name is Supriya and thank you for stopping by.

I have been a blog reader for a few years, but finally decided to jump in the deep end of the blogging ocean without a life vest. Sink, or swim - I'll figure it out in time!

There are three reasons I started this blog:

1. To keep track of my own ever changing style and record it for posterity, so that the next time I feel like I have nothing nice to wear, I can shop my own blog! I derive inspiration from the blogs I follow, but invariably I forget a lot of the inspired outfits I created. Now I can keep track of them all!

2. To take my personal presentation skills up a few notches - whether its my writing, photography or dressing sense. Its one thing to step out the door not looking like a drowned rat, but quite a bit more to be reasonably presentable, or even pleasing to look at. If that forces me to learn how to apply make-up among other things, I am not complaining.

3. To be more accountable to my own wallet and wardrobe.
From being a neutrals only person, my style pendulum swung all the way to brighter the better. I now have a closet full of "statement" pieces that don't seem to go with anything else. Through this blog, I hope to be able to incorporate all these pieces into my life, and make some of them at least see the light of the day. I am looking at you...weird top that I don't know why I bought..oh didn't realize there is an army of you in there!

I am just an ordinary gal, living an ordinary life that I am trying to chronicle. Along this journey, if I can laugh at myself and make someone else laugh along or even brighten someone else's day I'll consider it a job well done. So come along for the ride, and feel free to comment.

Thank you for reading & have a great day!

Photographs: Courtesy of my 4 year old daughter, who wants a celery (she means salary) for this job.

Outfit Details:
Sears Laura Scott Sweatshirt (color: Florida Keys) | JCrew Necklace (soldout) | 
Old Navy Rockstar Jeans (soldout) | Target Sneakers (on clearance) in pewter

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